About Portacover

Portacover was founded in 1986.  It was set up to provide a comprehensive service to companies and contracts large and small. 

Following the retirement of the founder in 1986, a board of directors was appointed and this group of people is still in charge today. Committed to maintaining the standards and ideals set over twenty years ago, every director takes personal responsibility for client satisfaction. That's why there is always at least one director on call to make an instant decision - even out of office-hours.
Over the years, Portacover has provided a valuable service to some of the UK's leading automotive and bespoke manufacturers. It prides itself on providing a fast yet friendly service and, through meticulous planning and strategic execution, the team always does its utmost to ensure you'll be back to business as quickly as possible.

Mission and Values

Portacover is committed to delivering a positive, dependable, economic and friendly service without delay to its customers and compromising their standards and parameters. Portacover sees its customers as its lifeline and values them more than any other core part of the business. We aim to supply a prompt professional and efficient service that satisfies the requirements of our customers with the minimum disruption to its workforce, facilities and customers.

We aim to carry out our services to the highest standards of safety achievable by providing up to date training to our management and employees.

The management at Portacover prides itself on its professionalism, and values the reputation of the company built over many years through hard work and dedication to its customers.

It is the duty of all our employees to uphold and reflect this reputation through implementing these values and qualities in the day to day duties that they perform.


Services We Offer

Working anywhere in Europe, with extensive experience within the UK, Portacover offers the full range of machine-related services. 

Planning every step whether it's for one machine or a whole turnkey project.

Factory relocating anything from individual to multi-function machinery, to full turnkey relocations, installation and setting.

Engineering including pipe work, electrical installation, fabrication, welding and general site services.

Lift management services from full contract lift to BS7121. Including appointed persons, lift supervisors and Slinger Banksmen provided.

Glass Handling and Lifting Portacover are able to offer a tailored glass lifting solution to your requirements from a single pane to full Curtain walls, encompassing full contract lift facilities. Please Contact Us with your specifications for information regarding this service or call us on 01792 321600

Transport: Transport and Shipping for the UK, Europe and the Rest of the World.

Crane Hire: Portacover offer Jones 10t Iron fairy crane hire ideal for factory maintenance, also cranes up to 400t working with our crane hire partners.

Mini Spider Crane Hire: As well as contract services, Portacover can also offer a range of compact mini cranes from UNIC Cranes Europe. Also known as spider cranes, these cranes offer a compact solution to lifting problems in confined areas.

Forklift Hire: We can provide forklift trucks up to 7t lift capacity.

Versalifts: Extendable frame forklift trucks with a lift capacity of up to 27 tonnes.